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What They Say:

Michael Blucher’s special skill is to write about sport with the knowledge of an insider, but the “third eye” of an outside.  That is, while he knows as much about the way sport actually works as anyone, and loves it, he does not fall into the trap of being a FWT, as in Fan With A Typewriter.  He writes in a compelling fashion, filled with anecdotes, humor and insights. I looked, liked, then loved this book.
Peter Fitzsimons

Bubble Boys in Pictures


Business Lessons Straight From the Locker Room

Resent or respect, admire or admonish, there’s little doubt we can learn plenty by observing the behavior and scrutinizing the achievements of our sporting heroes.

After spending the better part of the past seven years, chronicling the lives of our top athletes, I’ve cobbled a “Top 5” of the less obvious parallels between elite sport and our more mundane (?!) world of business. [Read More…]