From The Grandstand

What those sitting “up in the bleachers” are saying…grandstand

“I thought after being sports-mad all my life I had an idea of what went on at the top level even though I have never been part of it. Your book showed me that wasn’t so! It was a great read.  Well done.

I particularly enjoyed chapters 5 to 8 and their many anecdotes and observations. To name just one: why athletes behave as they do at corporate functions. At a pre-State of Origin lunch a few years ago, we had one of the absolute superstars allotted to our table. When he ignored us, grunted monosyllabically, didn’t make eye contact with anyone, didn’t buy a raffle ticket, and quickly escaped to the “sanctuary” of teammates in the “huddle” of team suits in one corner of the room (as you accurately put it), we just thought he was a dick. Now I realise his behaviour was probably driven by “shyness and uncertainty”.  Great insights.” ~ Tom Wood, Sunshine Coast.

“I don’t care whether it’s good, bad or indifferent. After seven years, I’m just happy the bloody thing’s finished!” ~Wendy Blucher.

“Any parent with a future or potential “Bubble Boy” (love that description) should read this from front to back. Twice, And be tested on it to make sure it sinks in! So much useful information. Full marks for having the patience to put it all together.”  ~Peter, Noosa Springs.

“Love the Book. Sports clubs should make it compulsory reading – for their rookies at the very least.”  ~Bill Walker, Sports Editor, Channel 10.

“I’m not a great reader of books, but I ripped through yours in 2 days flat. Not only great fun but in other ways, very educational. Absolutely loved it”.  ~Tony, Brisbane.

“Thank you for an entertaining and educational read. As I’m not much of a sports fan beyond Origin and a bit of tennis, it was an eye-opener. And loved the clever knifing of K.Rudd. Also FYI, Ned Kelly was hung, not shot”.  ~Pat Kelly, Bulimba.

Ed: Thanks Pat – I wasn’t around for that, but great to hear from somebody who was.  Joking. History has never been a strong suit. But I promise to get it sorted next time around.

“I would suggest Bubble Boys could sit just as comfortably on the parenting shelves in book stores as in the sports section. The messages about boundaries, respect, getting some facts before judging, peers, fear of failure, fear or success, redemption, role models, consequences, even money managing are relevant to more than the AFL player or the swimming star. I suggest it makes an excellent present – and not just for your Dad!” ~ Karryn Wheelans, “The Stepmum”, Brisbane.

“Bubble Boys made me completely re-evaluate how I look at Sport and the people who play it for a living. Excellent. I don’t know whether you want to know this, but I spotted quite a few spelling mistakes, and words where they shouldn’t have been! Suggest you get a proof reader for your next book!”

Ed: Yep, do you want to hear it – thanks! Bit of a scramble to get it out for Xmas, but no excuse. Revised (Second Edition) will be squeaky clean.

“I was lucky enough to get one of your books for Xmas. I’ve since ordered another 10 for my mates! There are so many valuable lessons – not just for sports lovers, but anyone trying to raise a family. Fantastic.”  ~Joel, Tasmania.

“Just finished the book.  Couldn’t put it down. I found it very interesting, both professionally and personally. you should be very proud of yourself.”  ~Peter Davis, Richlands.

“It was a cracking read – in fact it was even better than I thought it would be (no offence!). I guess I assumed that because of my closeness to sport – either as a participant or professional – and because of our own many discussions, I would already know most of what you’d have to say.

However, in fact I learned a lot. My favorite chapters were around transition to a “normal” life. On reflection, I think now that I did go through a bit of “post-sport grieving” without actually knowing it at the time. All good now though!” ~ Former Olympic swimmer (name withheld).