“Michael Blucher’s special skill is to write about sport with the knowledge of an insider, but the “third eye,” of an outsider. That is, while he knows as much about the way sport actually works as anyone, and loves it, he does not fall into the trap of being a FWT, as in Fan With a Typewriter. He writes in a compelling fashion, filled with anecdotes, humor and insights. I looked, liked, then loved this book.” – Peter FitzSimons

“When it comes to professional sport, Michael has worn many different hats. He’s always been very fair and very observant. This book follows suit. There’s something in it for everybody who loves or plays sport, whether at the professional or the grassroots level.”- David Gallop

“This book is a great mix of insights, anecdotes, and advice, written in an engaging and informative manner. You’ll find yourself wanting to read more.” – John Eales

“Bubble Boys digs deep into the lifestyle elite athletes lead. Most people have an opinion – a perception – but they also want to know the truth. This is an honest, upfront and a very accurate account of what really goes on in professional sport.” – Darren Lockyer

“Compulsory reading for all young AFL players!” – Alastair Lynch

“Michael has helped me out in some specific skills well removed from cricket. He offers great insight into modern day professional sport.” –Ryan Harris